My Mighty Return!

What…is this really happening? Am I starting this blog up again even though I barely used it in the first place? You bet your sweet buttĀ I am and I got quite the topics to discuss! Obviously, there has been a total of like what, forty people who have read this blog. Nevertheless, I’m excited to return and share my opinion about interesting Communication topics that have been tossed around lately. This semester (yes semester, I started this for school so I’ll continue using it for school you judging Judy), I’ll be more centered on Social Media.

Fun right???

Of course it is since you are totally on your Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest/Snapchat/Instagram/YouTube/Google+ (Ha!)/MySpace/Match right now.


You think that’s a face of surprise? No, that’s a face of utter fear.

Now listen up for the next few months and I promise that I’ll spark some sort of interest!

Glad to be back.

P.S. WordPress has kind of changed on me so my format might be a tad weird(er). Sorry for the inconvenience folks!