One Like Equals One Vote. How has Social Media Overhauled the Election?

Note: r/SandersForPresident is being overshadowed r/The_Donald i.e. the Donald Trump support subreddit. This is an interesting development……

Elections. Social Media. What do these two have in common? They are both full with loud mouth people that say things for attention. What happens when you combine them? You get a monster. A large politically hungry monster. Now now, I know that you are grabbing for pitchforks because I have done a similar topic. In all honesty, it has some shared points, but it is a completely different position. So put those long forks away and read along…


I don’t know about you, but I think megaphone guy may have a tiny advantage. Words do damage bro…words do damage…

This year for the elections will be one for the record books. Not only is it the first time that we had a person with  Jewish background in the running, but we also have robot running for president. Just kidding, Marco Rubio, that’s what the internet says. However, that is exactly the point that I have to make, the internet is more important than ever to deciding who is deserving the spot of President. If the users of the internet (hint: practically everyone) find one mistake, they will haunt the life of the candidate. The statement “the internet never forgets” has never been truer. Nevertheless, social media is a polar situation in the campaigning world. There is the good and there is the bad. Let’s dive in the Democratic side and see what we find.


“DESTROY, DESTROY, DESTROY…Ahem, I mean Obama knows exactly what he is doing.”

The Good

Social media has brought great success for at least one candidate: Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders has dominated the good part of social media campaigning. And do you know why ? Millennials believe in him.The millennials support him whole heartily and will push for him on any site possible. He has wonderful presence in all forms of platform. Reuters is stated that during the Iowa Caucus, he gained the largest amount of followers on Facebook for that day. He gained an impressive 15,685 followers, “trumping” Trumps 10,704 followers and destroying Hillary Clinton’s 6,210 followers. He was king and he didn’t even win (well…we’ll get back to this in a second).

One the best examples of his support is on Reddit where he has a subreddit, /r/SandersForPresident, dedicated in his honor. Within this section of internet heaven, they discuss strategies to convert people to his side. It’s a literal virtual campaign office that, in reality, has no personal affiliation to the man himself. They spend hours of their own time to help a man they truly believe in. Reddit is known for cat pictures, but also for being hard political pushers.


This man might be “old” but he caught the hearts of the “young” #motivational #feelthebern

The Bad

Even though she is considered the front-runner for the Democratic party, Hillary is dying in the social media world. There is one thing people on the internet hate more than Comcast; they hate dishonest people (not saying Comcast isn’t dishonest, they are spawn of evil). Hillary has got that reputation this campaign and oh boy, it has been feeding the people on social media with complete and utter disdain. Ever since she was caught lying about using an unsecured server for classified E-mails, people have kept a very large stink eye on her. Because of that, they have caught her flip-flop in positioning. Just recently, Twitter had a hashtag #WhichHillary. People were calling out her fuzzy agenda and how it hasn’t been straight her entire career as a politician. Wired explains 88,000 tweets were posted with #WhichHillary from the period of Thursday morning to 1:00 P.M. the same day. That right there folks is what we call a firestorm.

I am not trying to down play Hillary whatsoever. I am just analyzing how her presence has been to the people and as I just explained, it is not great. Even her followers have been called out as liars. During the Iowa Caucasus (told you we would come back), a series of events caused people to wonder if the vote count was accurate because the head of the Caucasus was a Hillary supporter. Take a look at the video below and tell me what you think.


C-Span didn’t have a way to embed this 😦 I linked it though!

In conclusion, social media is extremely important for the election process now. In my previous post about government and the internet, I explained how social media won Obama the election. The question is, will it win it for Bernie?