Quick Fix

Need a Fix? How ’bout a Quick Fix?

Hello readers and party people alike, I hope you enjoyed my recent post about Rick and Morty. I obviously had tons of fun with it, but something hit me when I was writing. These long articles are fun to plan and write, but what about those moments in between when you hungry individuals are craving for some sweet sweet knowledge?


“Of course I want more, I already consumed forty-five Wikipedia articles, seven episodes of How It’s Made, and two podcast on the Spanish Inquisition.”

I thought of a new segment called “Quick Fix” or something more creative than that name since it sounds like a lottery ticket (and we all know we are salty about losing $1.5 billion to strangers). “Quick Fix” will be concise, but absolutely satisfying articles about certain topics that surround Communication. For example, let’s say that I find an interesting infographic about fear of public speaking. I’ll go into whatever is presented and either commend it with multiple points of agreement or tear the absolute crap out of it. Since I’m not necessarily a Bachelor of the Arts just yet, you can take it with a grain of salt. Or or you feed my ego and I start calling myself Dr. IWonScrabbleWhenReallyIntoxicated in every post. Actually, let’s not, that’s asking for something.


It was fun and games before the words reflected my anguish.

I think I’ll have some sort of rating system too for the article I find. You know, something like Mythbusters where I force an unsatisfying answer down your throat. Damn it Mythbusters, if you would have built that Lego ball better, it would have worked. IT WOULD HAVE WORKED!!! Ahem, I digress.

Hopefully, my dear reader(s), you’ll enjoy what is to come.